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Our Expertise

Dillon Consulting Group, LLC is a tax consulting firm dedicated to providing exceptional service to each Client based on their specific needs. We bring extensive public accounting experience, working with both public and private companies, enabling us to offer a wide variety of tax related services to our Clients.

Dillon Consulting Group, LLC can assist your Company with expert tax knowledge without incurring the cost of a permanent tax department, or during transitional periods created by personnel shifts. We have extensive experience with a large array of industries and the awareness of the differing stages of the Company's life-cycle.

State and local tax compliance can be very challenging and time consuming. With the vast number of different taxing authorities the laws are continuously changing. Dillon Consulting Group, LLC monitors the changes to the tax laws and is available to assist your Company with addressing the impact of state and local tax compliance.


With the increasing number and complexity of accounting issues inundating Companies today, Dillon Consulting Group, LLC brings a wealth of knowledge to assist with specific projects. DCG can provide assistance completing your Company's income tax provision, tax research, due diligence, purchase accounting, etc.



Dillon Consulting Group, LLC can provide tax preparation and review services for your Company's federal and state filings.

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