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Internal Tax Services


Dillon Consulting Group, LLC understands the complexity and importance of a well-functioning tax department to an organization. During times of transition or personnel shifts, your company may experience significant disruptions resulting in additional business risks. We offer a number of roles to assist your organization avoid potential interruptions and keep your tax team performing at full capacity.

DCG Interim Tax Director Role


We assist a number of companies with interim tax director roles, providing leadership resources on an as needed basis. We immerse ourselves into the operations of your tax department, allowing you the opportunity and time to hire the next qualified candidate. We utilize our expert tax knowledge, as well as extensive experience with a large array of industries to improve current processes.


Working with your internal accounting staff and existing tax professionals we can coordinate and assist in the development, implementation and completion of tax consulting and compliance projects.  We will liaison with existing third party vendors to manage projects insuring their timely completion.  We will work closely with management to communicate results and the relative impact on corporate operations and strategic tax planning.

DCG's In-Tax Solutions


DCG’s “IN-TAX SOLUTIONS” provides internal tax department support on an as needed basis.  We offer experienced, qualified, reliable tax staff capable of providing interim or “peak demand” support. Our team can assist you with the implementation and completion of tax related projects.


Our consultants are available to work either remotely or on-site for projects or roles necessary for your business.  We are not a staffing firm, but rather we offer highly qualified professionals who will provide value to your existing team, during periods when additional resources are needed.


Example engagements could include:


  • Federal or State Tax Compliance

  • Interim Tax Manager or Associate roles

  • Sales Tax Maintenance and Compliance

  • Transaction support including due diligence and modeling



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