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Specialty Consulting


Accounting for Income Taxes


DCG's in-depth knowledge of ASC-740, Accounting for Income Taxes, will provide you and your Company with the confidence in the fair representation of tax accounting in your audited financial statements.


Whether you engage us to review internally prepared calculations for submission to your auditors or request our assistance with the preparation of the tax provision, your use of our resources will enhance the Company's reporting within your financial statements.

Tax Research and Due Diligence


With the ever-growing complexity of existing tax law, the ability to quickly and effectively identify, research and apply governing tax provisions to federal and state law for emerging and existing tax issues impacting the Company can provide critical information to management.


Our knowledge and experience can assist the Company with projects including tax modeling, tax cash flow analysis, impacts on tax attributes related to changes in ownership, tax credits, and tax implications of proposed and completed corporate transactions.

Purchase Accounting


Once the acquisition is completed, the heavy-lifting for a Company's accounting department begins. Accounting for the transaction creates a number of challenges for the Company including the determination of the income tax consequences, their relative impact, and reporting in the Company's financial statements.


DCG will assist your Company with these challenges providing expert guidance by either preparing the calculations or by guiding your internal staff. We will work to maximize any available tax benefits and ensure accurate reporting within your financial statements.

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