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Dillon Consulting Group, LLC has assembled a team with a single goal to provide outstanding client service on each engagement. Our team is comprised of dedicated business oriented professionals, with years of industry and public accounting experience. The level of knowledge and dedication exemplified by this team affords your company with one of the best teams to hire. We strive to make this the expectation of client service in the industry.  


Your Company deserves a customized approach that is compatible with your work environment. Dillon Consulting Group, LLC offers a hands-on approach for all clients. We focus on the entire engagement and not specific tasks at hand. Your Company will receive a unique plan, with only you in mind.



Dillon Consulting Group, LLC is an industry leader comprised of resources to successfully navigate complex tax issues facing today's corporations. Your Company will be working with a team of highly skilled professionals, whose background and experience assists them in addressing the specific issues impacting your business. Being free from any independence restrictions, our goal is to not only satisfy each and every client, but to become a true advisor as well. The combination of our team and our approach defines our core principles we apply to all clients.

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